You design the product. Suppliers create problems.
We invent the solution

Supplier Quality Control

Use our supplier surveys, factory audits, and wide range of product inspections to evaluate potential or current suppliers, verify their capabilities, and check product quality.

Supplier Quality Engineering

Advanced quality management for sophisticated products. Develop your supplier’s quality management capabilities and resolve complex product quality problems using our SQE services. We work in the core areas of corrective actions, quality management systems development, supplier sourcing, and problem detection.

Supplier Production Management

Let us be your production managers. While you focus on perfecting your product and winning customers, we’ll manage your suppliers and make sure production goes smoothly. It’s the ultimate in supplier quality management.

Startup Manufacturing Support

A startup? New to manufacturing in China? Get dedicated advice and support with matters like supplier selection, supplier relationship management, design optimisation, supplier risk, and supplier problem resolution.

Products We Work With

Our knowledge base is in electronics, advanced technology, metallurgical products, machine-engineered products, and composite materials. We work with the latest products from the consumer electronics, automotive, medical and aerospace industries, such as: Internet of Things, smart phones, wearables, personal entertainment devices, automotive components, and aerospace composite materials.

Who We Are

AMREP China is part of AMREP Supplier Management Services, a leading global provider of third party supplier management solutions to the world’s most innovative technology companies and startups. We use our deep knowledge of Chinese and overseas suppliers, technology, and product manufacturing to offer you specialised, globally-integrated services in supplier quality control, supplier quality engineering, risks prevention, and production management.

Our mission is to offer you total quality assurance for all your production needs in China.